The Fifth Element


Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire make up the essence of our world. We have chosen this metaphor to talk about our respect for people and the environment, because sustainability is not just a part of our business, it’s the essence of what we do. We were born from the meeting of Swiss entrepreneurship with the great Nepali cashmere tradition: sustainability is not just a part of our business, it’s our guiding light, which we translate into tangible actions. Very tangibly as well, we interpret the iconic Fifth Element as consciousness. Because being consciously precious has been the vision of our business since its very beginning, in 2011.

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Navigating towards a Greener Horizon

We recognise the importance of reducing emissions. While our Lugano Headquarters and fleet fuels are carbon neutral, we also choose carbon-neutral logistics options with Swiss Post and Sieber in Switzerland, and with DHL internationally with their GoGreen Plus Service, as we use the myclimate calculator to assess the carbon emissions of our flights. Even more importantly, we strive to offset the impact of our activities by championing the planting of new trees and mangroves in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, with a special focus on Nepal, in view of a long-term positive impact.

  • Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant new trees with a focus on Nepal
  • myclimate calculator to assess flight emissions
  • Carbon-neutral HQ and carbon-neutral fuels for corporate fleet
  • Carbon-neutral logistics options with Swiss Post, Sieber, and DHL internationally

Our Wind Partner

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Preserving Water through Bold Technological Innovation

By utilising the finest materials, we significantly decrease the use of chemicals and reduce the water needed for treatments, while we already use REACH-certified pigments where they are still needed. This allows us to comply with strict quality controls, carried out by certified laboratories in Switzerland and Italy. Thanks to a strategic partnership with BluAct Technologies, a spinoff of ETH Zürich, we implemented a cutting-edge filtering technology in our Kathmandu atelier. This breakthrough allows us to filter up to 100,00 litres per month of dyeing wastewater before it ever reaches the sewage system. In perspective, filtered water will be able to be reused for irrigation.

  • Strategic partnership with BluAct to filter up to 100K litres/month with an innovative technology
  • Use of finest materials that reduce the need for chemicals
  • REACH-certified pigments where they are still needed
  • Strict quality controls by certified laboratories in Switzerland and Italy

Our Water Partner

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Responsible Stewardship of Earth’s Resources

Our pursuit of excellence is rooted in our selection of the world’s finest Grade-A cashmere, underpinned by certified natural fibres. Wherever possible, we embrace natural pigments or preserve the yarn’s innate colour. We’re committed to implementing a no-plastic concept and zero-waste operations – for example, we’re introducing parchment in our packaging. Moving further, we are devising a socially responsible end-of-life solution with ICEEP, with the belief that responsibility should benefit both our customers and the community at large.

  • Only Grade-A cashmere from certified natural fibres, made to last
  • Wherever possible, natural pigments or natural yarn colour
  • Striving toward no-plastic and zero-waste operations
  • Partnership with ICEEP for a socially responsible end-of-life solution

Our Earth Partner

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People, the Authentic Energy behind Purest

People are the core energy driving our excellence, especially in Nepal. Together, we blend tradition with innovation. We’re working to certify our production atelier in accordance with Sedex – Smeta 4P standards. Beyond Nepal, our network includes over twenty responsible craftsmanship partners. Fire also means energy to us: our Nepalese partners utilise handlooms that don’t require electricity, while preserving the region’s rich heritage. The residual electricity is primarily derived from hydroelectric power. Also, our Lugano headquarters is solar-powered and we use the myclimate calculator to meticulously assess our carbon footprint.

  • Sedex/SEPA certification for ethical labour practices in progress
  • myclimate calculator to meticulously assess our carbon footprint
  • Low energy consumption through traditional looming techniques
  • Solar-powered Lugano headquarters

Our Fire Partners


Our dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop here. We invite you to explore our Green Book, where we’ve detailed our philosophy, vision, and the tangible actions we’ve undertaken. Join us on our journey to become a reference brand for sustainability in our industry, as we aim to be ‘climate positive’ by the end of 2024.


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