Purest Summer 2024 Cashmere Accessories | Our Model wearing the featherlight Shawl Voile de Cachemire in shaded bicolor | Buy online on purest.com

consciously precious

Precious as a journey in a constant pursuit of beauty. As respect for the planet and its people. As the elegance of the finest cashmere, with a contemporary style.
Welcome to the world of Purest.


Our savoir-faire: an ecosystem of excellence

Top-quality raw materials. The time-honoured skill of master weavers. The unmistakable style of Italian design. And a typically Swiss eye for details that makes us obsessed with perfection. Excellence is not just our passion, it’s our very nature.



Luxury, personalised

Quality has always attracted quality. This is why we partner world-class global brands to create exquisite accessories as luxury corporate gifts that are bespoke to our clients and their needs.


Falconry Collection by Purest and Orlando Maroquinier

Embracing the legacy of falconry with contemporary luxury, discover our bespoke Falconry Collection premiered at ADIHEX in Abu Dhabi

.Respect comes first. And lasts

We take great pride in Purest’s virtuous system based on respect: respect for people, for the environment, for tradition, as well as respect for product quality and for our clients. 
Because we believe there can be no true beauty without respect. 

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