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Respect comes first. And lasts.

We take great pride in Purest’s virtuous system based on respect: respect for people, for the environment, for tradition, as well as respect for product quality and for our clients.
Because we believe there can be no true beauty without respect.

Consciously precious

What we call consciousness is the principle guiding Purest ever since the beginning. It’s choosing to do business in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way, valuing and showing respect for our resources and local traditions. From building personal relationships with our Nepalese weavers to our well-established cooperation with historic yarn producers and Italian and European craftsmen, we are committed to developing long-term partnerships with our suppliers based on respect and trust. Consciousness also means refusing to join the global fast fashion system and the hyper-industrialisation of fashion to the detriment of quality and the protection of resources – two founding principles of our work. Our goal is to offer our clients – but we prefer to call them partners – excellent products in terms of quality, style and comfort, and for this reason we provide them with all our know-how, our ‘ecosystem of excellence, our obsession with details (after all, we are Swiss) and sincere passion for everything we do. And it is our respect for clients that best condenses our consciousness – our drive to offer them a superior experience through impeccable service and top-quality, ethically-minded products, made precious by outstanding materials and craftsmanship as well as by the great care for the world that is central to their creation. This is why we take pride in defining ourselves consciously precious.

Purest and the environment.

We take the issue of environmental sustainability to heart. For this reason, we strive to reduce our environmental impact across our entire value chain – from our Lugano headquarters to production facilities and logistics. We are constantly working to optimise production processes using certified clean energy whenever possible, systematically offsetting our CO2 emissions caused by transportations, and implemented on top of this a contribution to climate protection for each of our products. We partner witmyclimate to support high quality carbon offset projects worldwide. Our future goal goes even further, we aim to make all our products climate-neutral. To achieve this ambition, myclimate helps us determine the impact of our activity, implement the necessary measures to offset it and recommend the best actions and projects towards our goal.

In addition, we only use azo-free dyes, i.e., dyes that are hypoallergenic and free from heavy metals, hence with a reduced environmental impact.  
Our commitment is certified by independent bodies which periodically inspect our products against our high-quality requirements as well as the stringent REACH European standards.
In the near future, we plan to implement visibility across the entire value chain with a system tracing the origin of our yarn and the production techniques we employ. This will ensure complete transparency at every stage of the process, from the purchasing of raw materials to the work of our craftsmen all the way to delivering the products to our clients.   

And we are serious about it.

Soon you will be able to download our Corporate Social Responsibility Chart to learn more about Purest’s commitment to sustainability.

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