Airy Fluidity Collection Summer 2015

Precious purity and Airy fluidity define the world of PUREST and the DNA of the new Summer Collection 2015. Preciousness of materials and craftsmanship, fluidity and lightness of both Cashmere and Cashmere-Silk blend.


The new Collection continues, also through precious materials, the research in the Cashmere lifestyle declining the tradition and craftsmanship of Nepal and the creativity from Italy. The traditional permanent models are revised and updated.


The season’s highlights:

  • The Carré size declined in solid colours, printed and double layer,
  • New printing themes: the "Abstract" one emphasizes the concept of Airy fluidity while the "Arty fishing" theme is an hybrid between Mediterranean siren and Japanese carp,
  • Rustic Glam, the new fabric of the season: a blend of Bourette Silk and cotton produced in Biella, Italy mixed with pure Mongolian Cashmere. Multiple surface effects and refined or rustic textures.


The Bourette is obtained by spinning short fibres of silk; it keeps therefore the characteristics of being thermoregulatory (cool in summer and warm in winter), with a radically different touch. The silk yarn Bourette is indeed opaque, slightly hairy and less compact than silk, resulting excellent also to interpret the Home Collection as an excellent alternative to Cashmere for the Summer Collection.


"A modernist, sober and sensual chic"


11 Must-have colours (in total 28 colours) interpret the mood of the Collection as well as new dyeing effects. White, mock whites and tinged greys, these sober and soothing, precious or casual natural shades are the season’s essential neutrals:


  • Colourless, monochromatic mock white & grey (Enamel, Colour wash, Glaze and Model),

  • Fruity pink: smooth, pulpy or perky, pink tones infuse an essential burst of freshness to spring and high summer (Pulp and Gum),

  • Aquatic Summer blues return, between toned down freshness and cool darkness. Lavender and washed blues in variations up to watery turquoise, for a refreshing, authentic and chic feeling (Volute, Drop, Plunge and Flow),

  • Mysterious dark (Tire),

  • New dyeing effects: the softness of the stoles expands with bleached, absorbed and faded effects; a focus on stripes for contrasting colour ranges and Intersections.


This sober and serene palette of sophisticated neutrals celebrates simplicity and subtlety. The natural and rich monochrome, underlined by a darker accent, inspires a new, more casual and universally precious Cashmere accessories.


PUREST is committed to the excellence and authenticity of its fashion creations, consolidating further its position as a high-end brand in the world of fine Cashmere Accessories, conveying passion and a sense of responsibility, quality and purity, elegance and style as well as exclusive craftsmanship and genuineness.


The new PUREST Priceless Summer Collection is displayed in our Showrooms in Milan and Lugano and is available in selected Boutique Partners in Europe and Asia.
For more information, or to receive copy of Summer 2015 Look book, please write us at contact@purest.com .


PUREST is Milano, Genève, Kathmandu



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