Priceless Collection Fall Winter 2014/2015

PUREST Priceless Collection dedicated to the 2014-2015 Winter season presents ten models including the new proposals developed by our Italian Creative Team that combine an intense technical and style content with the traditional features of elegance, genuineness and expression of the best local products and craftsmanship that have always characterized the PUREST Collections.


The newly developed quilted scarves and stoles stand out in particular, inspired by the world of technical fabrics designed for the Winter season. In some stoles, decorative geometric lines are used to join the plies, while a series of "patch" stoles are made with several fringed modules joined together to form large lozenge patterns. Once again, the combination of high quality, design research and haute couture.


The Collection is enriched by new printing patterns that reinterpret the traditional "checks", mixing them with nature inspired elements, printed as etchings and graphic signs. Printing is carried out in our Atelier in Tuscany using the ancient screen printing technique on large stoles and "carré" characterized by skillfully selected contrasting colors. As usual, all items are offered in their exclusive cotton package.


Of course the Collection also comes with soft and cozy stoles for ladies, gentlemen and kids, that recall the atmosphere of Nordic countries, including our lightweight "Voile de Cashmere" (50g), available in the colors of the Collection and the natural dyes typical of the under fleece of the Capra Hircus. Extraordinary raw materials of impeccable quality (Grade-A Cashmere) exclusively sourced in Mongolia.


As for the colors, the pigments we use are obtained by paying the utmost attention to human and environmental safety and we offer over thirty new nuances ranging from deep green, red, plum purple and bright violet up to the warmer color of the sand, orange and yellow.
Manual fulling and finishing contribute to the natural and exclusive hand that characterizes each PUREST item.


This new Collection also marks the launch of the Home & Travel line characterized by a contemporary and sober "mood" which combines functionality and refinement and is also produced in our Atelier in the Kathmandu Valley. Pure Cashmere and very warm and relaxing color combinations, hand knotted fringes and visible top-stitching skillfully sewn by our Tailors characterize the soft and elegant Plaids that come together with colorful soft Cushions with reversible cover.


The Luxury Travel Set, dedicated to the contemporary globe-trotter and inspired by the passion for travel of PUREST Founder, is elegant, functional and compact. A large Cashmere blanket which can also be used as an ample stole, a comfortable sleep mask and warm socks are placed in a handy silk or cotton pouch.


PUREST is committed to the excellence and authenticity of its fashion creations. With this sixth Collection, PUREST intends to further consolidate its position as a high-end brand in the world of fine Cashmere Accessories, conveying passion and a sense of responsibility, quality and purity, elegance and style as well as exclusive craftsmanship and genuineness.
The new PUREST Priceless Winter Collection is displayed in our Showrooms in Milan and Lugano and is available in selected Boutique Partners in Europe and Asia.


For more information please write us at contact@purest.com.

PUREST is Milano, Genève, Kathmandu



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